• Principles to Help Control Your Anger – by Johnny Hart

    Posted on August 13, 2018 by in Anger Management

    Here are some principles I cover with men. If you can believe in these principles and begin to exercise them you will be able to manage and control  your anger. I have a few favorites. After you read these feel free to tell me what your favorites are. I would love to hear from you.

    This was taken from Anger Busters 101 – by James Baker.

    1. Practice self-restrain – Don’t always express yourself
    2. Practice kindness – Not revenge
    3. Practice being gracious – Not critical (Dear God Letter)
    4. Practice self-examination – Not blame
    5. Practice empathy – Not selfishness
    6. Practice surrendering – Not dominating
    7. Practice service to others – Not self-interest
    8. Practice disciplining yourself – Not “I have to have my way”
    9. Practice being patient –Not impulsive
    10. Practice forgiveness – Not punishment (Forgive us debts as we forgive)
    11. Practice losing – Not winning
    12. Practice being wrong – Not right
    13. Practice humility – Not self-righteousness
    14. Practice being compassionate –Not angry at injustice toward others
    15. Practice persistence dealing with anger –Not “How much can I take?”
    16. Practice understanding – Not complaining
    17. Practice feeling awkward – Not feeling natural
    18. Practice balancing your life – Not careerism
    19. Practice staying on the path – Not cursing your luck
    20. Practice daily spiritual meditation – Not sleeping late

    Taken from Anger Busters 101 -by James Baker

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