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The Extrovert- By Laura Hart

The Outgoing Sanguine

Inclusion Strengths:

  •  Friendly, Warm, Outgoing

  •  Inspiring to others

  •  Relationship oriented

  •  Enthusiastic, Optimistic

  •  Genuinely like people

Inclusion Weakness:

  •  Excessively Talkative

  •  Exaggerates

  •  Center of the conversations

  •  Follows morals of the crowd

  •  Undisciplined, Impulsive

  •  Ignores responsibilities to be with people

Control Strengths:

  •  Independent, Considerate

  •  Attentive, Caring, Servant

  •  Charming, Gracious

  •  Very good leadership

  •  Takes on responsibilities

Control Weakness:

  •  Lack persistence, Weak will

  •  Walk away from responsibility to be with people

  • Narcissism, Selfishness

Affection Strengths:

  •  Lovable, Emotionally open

  •  Able to express and receive large amounts of love

  • Endless supply of love & affection

  •  Openly reveal inner thoughts and feelings

  • Warm, Easy to get to know

Affection Weakness:

  •  Demanding of others for love

  • and affection

  • Needs constant reassurance they

  • are loved and appreciated

  • Plagued with jealousy

  •  Wants love and attention to

  • belong exclusively to them

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