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Dr. Tom Essary


Phone: 615-973-3576



Dr. Tom Essary, an independent ministry partner of Feed My Sheep Ministries, has immense training and practice in Christian ministry. He is a Commissioned Minister of Counseling, a professionally trained Pastoral Counselor, and a Certified Temperament Counselor. Tom has advanced training in Marriage and Family Counseling. He is Certified in Conflict Management and Domestic Violence with a Tennessee State-approved course. He also holds a certification in Suicide Prevention Training by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network.

Tom has a vast array of educational accomplishments. He earned his Ph.D. in Christian Counseling from Colorado Theological Seminary. He earned his Master of Arts Degree in Conflict Resolution from Bethel University. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate of Arts in Law Enforcement from Middle Tennessee State University. He has 27 years of experience in law enforcement. His specialties in counseling are anger management, conflict resolutions, negotiations, mediations, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol addiction, marriage conflict, and family and civil mediation. Tom concentrates on helping people find peace from conflict.

Tom is now in his sixth decade of life. Having lived and worked in a variety of career fields, he recognizes that life can be both difficult and complicated at times. Tom became a student of counseling, attending classes, seminars, reading many books, and asking lots of questions in an effort to equip himself to be a tool of God for the rescuing of these in distress. Even with his immense experience and education, he knows that he is “not alone” when he is counseling. He believes it is all for nothing without the help of His Lord, He believes God always has a “bigger purpose” than what we clearly understand or see.

Tom is also an experienced educator. He recently retired from his teaching position at a local career college where he also managed and oversaw the Criminal Justice Department. He taught all Criminal Justice and Psychology courses and was responsible for recruitment efforts, retention, graduation, and placement of Criminal Justice Students. His love for the students and ministry, together with his problem-solving skills helped solve a multitude of personal issues involving the student body. They seemed to be drawn to him for advice and ministry. Besides his teaching position, he has had numerous instructor positions and holds numerous licenses from the Tennessee Department of Education and the Tennessee Department of Safety.

One of Tom's passions is his Sunday School Class at his Church in Joelton. He is a serious student of the Bible and relies heavily upon the Word of God in his teaching. Recognizing and believing that God has a plan for each created person's life; it is Tom's desire to see everyone fulfill that God-called purpose for their life. He teaches, counsels and advocates for a group of men living at Aphesis House, a safe, sober, and supportive living environment for men seeking recovery after seasons of incarceration, addiction, and homelessness. Tom plans Bible studies and implements activities for the men in compliance with the rules set by probation and parole and mental health professionals.

Finally, Tom is a family man. He has lived in the Middle Tennessee area since 1973. He has been married to his wife Kathy for the last thirty-one years and has one son. If you want to contact Tom for an appointment you can call him or email him directly or set an appointment with him on our website.

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Feed My Sheep is a faith-based ministry center with a desire to help heal the hearts and restore the lives of hurting people by assisting them in recognizing and fulfilling their emotional and spiritual needs.

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